What Customers Are Saying

Life changing moments from real Brava users.


"For the first time in my life last night, the kids like my chicken! Brava - the hero maker."

- Elisa

Gooey grilled cheese sandwich being pulled apart, ready to serve

"The oven produces the best grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had. The roasted vegetables are incredible. The combos with chicken breasts are great. And the S’mores are delicious."

Roasted Brussels sprouts fresh from the Brava oven

"My 11-year old, who used to refused to eat brussels sprouts, now loves them."

Perfectly browned roasted chicken with vegetables being set on the marble counter

"[The whole chicken was...] just like my grandma used to do with her traditional oven. It was amazing. Whole family commented and loved it. Just a little salt and pepper. Crispy skin and juicy meat."


“The preheat time on the Brava was so quick. It’s going to be hard to ever go back to a normal oven.”

- Arla

Slicing into a perfectly cooked and seared medium rare steak

"...it is amazing when a first time parent can cook steaks to medium rare perfection. First attempt. And by merely pressing the “start” button then walking away :)"

The Brava oven sitting on a kitchen counter

"I love this Oven! It’s fast, easy, and efficient!"

A dinner table full of healthy, home made dishes, with the family sitting and eating together

"Excellent. We made dinner in 10 min! Great experience. Hanger steak was perfect. That dinner would have taken us an hour. This will make weeknight dinners manageable."


"It really has brought us all together around the kitchen in a really nice way. This might be the really big aha. And my kids gravitate to it. They want to use it. For everything."

- Jon

The Brava oven sitting on a kitchen counter

"[The eggs were…] perfecto! Best part is I made waffles and pancakes for everyone else while I made these in the background. No mess, no fuss, and done in an instant."

Siblings using the Brava together for a late night snack

"Isn't it the best?? We love it. The kids adore it. We’ve cooked every meal on it since it arrived."

Father and daughter preparing dinner together with fresh ingredients

"...we are loving our Brava oven! It’s all we use now. It’s so fun and easy. Even my boys use it. We cook together, it’s a blast. They love the camera on phone feature. It really is the wave of the future. It’s hard to go back when you know how much better it can be!"


Ty and Elisa will never cook the same after using their Brava oven