The Mission

A solution to what once seemed impossible

Our purpose is clear. We are a technology company that believes we can make a true impact by empowering anyone to make better food at home, any day of the week.

We know eating and sharing good food are pillars of happiness and good health. But life is a balancing act, and many of us don’t have the time, energy and ability to always cook or eat the foods we want. With our first groundbreaking product, we bring Pure Light Cooking™ Technology into your kitchen to make delicious homemade meals and snacks whenever you want. In essence: We enable busy families to make delicious home-cooked food quickly and easily so they can have more time and energy for the things and people they love.

The Founders’ Story

How Brava came to be

It started at the dinner table, where many good conversations begin. Dan wished his mom could enjoy their family holiday dinner without jumping to the kitchen every five minutes to check on the meal. Together, they realized if the oven and stovetop could help guide her cooking and deliver consistently great results, she would be less stressed and family time would be more enjoyable for everyone.

But it was not enough for this new cooking device to be smart, it had to be easy to use, faster and produce better results than any cooking technology on the market.

Enter Thomas to lead the extensive scientific research into heating technologies and cutting-edge control systems. After much trial and error, and time in his garage, Pure Light Cooking™ was born.

With an early prototype in hand, the journey began in earnest to create a revolutionary product and company. John joined the team to help bring on market-leading investors, partners and colleagues, to drive the business and Brava’s direct-to-consumer strategy. We began shipping to our faithful customers in November 2018, and in November 2019 Brava was acquired by the Middleby Corporation (NASDAQ: MIDD), a leading cooking appliance company, to speed up the delivery of Pure Light Cooking™ to the world.

And off we went.

Thomas Cheng Signature

Thomas Cheng

Founder / CTO

John Pleasants Signature

John Pleasants

Founder / CEO

Dan Yue Signature

Dan Yue


The Team That Makes It Happen

Over and over again

We’ve brought together the finest experts across many domains — from electrical and mechanical engineers, software developers, scientists and mathematicians to chefs, creatives, technicians, product and operations managers, researchers and marketers — who all share a few things in common:

Besides being uniquely talented and committed to winning as a team, we care about food and pioneering new technologies to make life a little better for all of us.