Every meal, easier

My kids cook now

Hours back each day

So Versatile, it’s Indispensable

Here are just a few of the many ways Brava fits into your daily life

Healthy Your Way

Whether it’s whole 30, Keto, or something new, Brava is there to help you eat healthy.

Love Your Veggies

Brava roasts delicious vegetables faster than anything else can.

Easy Cleanup

No one likes to clean up. Brava makes it simple with just one tray.

Kids Love Brava

Grilled cheese, quesadillas, s’mores; kids love to press the green button.

Get Everyone Cooking

So easy, you won’t be the only one cooking anymore.

BBQ Anytime

Grill steak like a pro, even inside your kitchen.

Microwave Speed, Oven Quality

Frozen food and reheated leftovers are no longer dried out and flavorless.

Pizza Night

Brava is powerful enough to match your local pizzeria’s wood fire oven.


Eggs. Bacon. Hashbrowns. Toast. Make it all while the coffee brews.

Perfect Proteins

Beautifully seared steaks, crispy chicken, perfect salmon, any night.

Meet Your Chefs

From pastry chefs to nutrition experts and Michelin star talent, our culinary team is always excited to share their skills with the community.

Cooking for Kids

Brava Chef Lindsay

Intro to Pastry

Brava Chef Aggie

Cooking for Date Night

Brava Chef Lindsay


Recipes from our inspired online community


          What people are saying



          I had been following the Brava concept for quite a while. Had the opportunity to see a demonstration of it at CES, and was impressed. Still, based on the cost, I delayed buying one. I finally decided that I would take the risk, and boy am I glad I did! I have never purchased a kitchen gadget that I have used more than the Brava. I use it every single day! As empty nesters, cooking for 2 had been a chore. Now we stay in because the Brava is honestly easy and fun! It has easily paid for itself by reducing the amount of days we eat out, and we're maintaining our weight better too! A friend of mine also bought one and loves it, and I recently added a second Brava for my vacation home! I cannot recommend the Brava more! 

          Jeannette A.

          Brava saves time everyday and provides you restaurant cooked meals

          Brava saves time everyday and provides you restaurant cooked meals

          This little oven saves me and my family of four time to prepare awesome meals daily. Full breakfast comes out within 10 mins from the start of preparation. Dinner - anywhere from 20 to 45 mins. The quality is consistently good, as if a well known chef stepped into our kitchen. The price of the oven is up there, but the build quality, the customer service, the long term return on the investment justifies it. For the price of a new high end iPad which provide you high-quality sustenance and get you on a healthier way of life - why not? Absolutely, why not? 


          Game-changing, Life-changing Oven

          Game-changing, Life-changing Oven

          Honestly, this oven has solved ALL of my problems when it comes to cooking and eating well. It has never been easier, faster, and simpler for me to make any food or meal of choice! I can make a full tray of butternut squash in 12 minutes, start to finish! I can make incredible seared salmon in 5 minutes and 30 seconds! I am no longer anxious about my chicken getting over or undercooked! I have been SO ready to say goodbye to preheat times. Thank you, Brava! I wish I had your smart oven years ago, my life is much better with you in it. 


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          Return your Brava for a full refund within 100 days of purchase if you don’t love it.

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          No APR, No Late Fees

          Get the Brava for 0% APR*, and no late fees.

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          1-Year Limited Warranty

          Your Brava comes with a one year limited warranty that also covers all accessories.

          *Subject to credit check and approval. Down payment may be required. For purchases under $50, limited payment options are available. Estimated payment amount excludes taxes and shipping fees. Affirm loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey State Chartered Commercial Bank, Member FDIC. See www.affirm.com/faqs for details.