Turkey, Cheddar, and Pesto Grilled Cheese

Turkey, Cheddar, and Pesto Grilled Cheese

by George Duran



Active Time:

~4 min

Total Time:

~12 min

About this Recipe

This is easily one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever. The combination of the turkey, cheddar and pesto adds a fun twist to the classic grilled cheese and is guaranteed to satisfy any grilled cheese lover! This sandwich is best made with large slices of high-quality sourdough bread, but you’ll only be able to fit 2 sandwiches on the tray. We recommend using square sliced sourdough sandwich bread if you want to make 3 or 4 sandwiches.


  • 2 large slices sourdough bread
  • 2 tablespoons basil pesto
  • 2 slices cheddar cheese (or your favorite cheese)
  • 2 slices turkey

From Your Pantry

Butter, at room temperature


Brava metal tray

Nutrition Information

Allergens: Milk, Wheat (Gluten)


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  1. 1

    Assemble sandwiches

    • Evenly spread softened butter in Zone 2 of Brava metal tray.
    • Spread a thin, even layer of butter on one side of each slice of bread. Place one bread slice, buttered side down, on Zone 2 of metal tray.
    • Spread pesto on the other sides of bread slices.
    • Place cheddar and turkey on bread slice.
    • Close sandwich with remaining bread slice, ensuring buttered side is facing out.

  2. 2

    Toast sandwich

    • Slide metal tray into bottom shelf.
    • Select “Turkey, Cheddar, and Pesto Grilled Cheese” on your touchscreen and follow instructions.

  3. 3


    • When your food is done, cut sandwich in half and serve.