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Brava Air Fried Potato Skins

by Brava Chef Annie


Servings 6-8
Active Time:
~5 min
Total Time:
~25 min

About this Recipe

Brava Air Fried Potato Skins are a gameday staple. All the goodness of a loaded baked potato in an easy-to-share appetizer? Sign us up! The name of the game here, no pun intended, is to pile the potato skins high with the shredded cheese filling. We’ve provided measurements for the cheesy filling, but if you have larger potatoes feel free to add more shredded cheese as needed. Once cooked, top the potato skins with sour cream, cracked black pepper, and any of your favorite fixin’s.


Crisp potato skins

  • Slice baked potatoes in half lengthwise and scoop out some of the flesh from each half; scoop enough to make a small well, leaving about a ¼” border.
  • Brush both sides of potatoes with cooking oil, and season generously with kosher salt.
  • Arrange potatoes, skin side down, on Brava glass tray across all zones.
  • Slide glass tray into bottom shelf. Press green button to begin cooking.
  • While potato skins cook, mix bacon, cheese, and scallions in bowl. Season generously with kosher salt. Set aside.
  • Note: You will remove glass tray after 15 minutes.


Add filling and finish cooking

  • Once Brava notifies you, carefully remove glass tray.
  • Divide cheese mixture amongst potato skins to fill the wells. Add more shredded cheese if needed, they should be filled to the top.
  • Slide Glass Tray into bottom shelf. Press green button to begin cooking.


Finish & serve

  • When your food is done, carefully remove glass tray.
  • Transfer potato skins to serving platter and serve with sour cream, freshly cracked black pepper, and desired toppings.