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Chicken Fajitas


Servings 2
Active Time:
~5 min
Total Time:
~23-30 min

About this Recipe

Brava Chicken Fajitas are going to be a hit in your household. They are loaded with peppers and onions, and tossed with our Brava Mexican Spice Rub before cooking for a flavor that’s reminiscent of your favorite Mexican restaurant. Chef Annie loves the combination of red onion, poblano pepper, and red bell pepper - but use what you have! Enjoy in warm tortillas, a grain bowl with guacamole, or even on top of a salad. For best results, Chef Annie uses the Brava Mexican Spice Rub to season the ingredients before cooking. If you don’t have the spice rub on hand, no problem - we’ve provided the amounts needed below. Once everything is cooked, add a few more pinches of the Mexican spice rub and toss ingredients for a bolder flavor. Omit the flour tortillas or swap in your favorite healthified tortilla brand to make this paleo, gluten free, and keto friendly.


Prep spice mixture

  • If you have the Brava Mexican Spice Rub on hand, skip this step. If not, in small bowl, stir together salt, chili powder, garlic powder, and ground cumin.


Prep chicken & vegetables

  • Pat chicken dry with paper towels.
  • Season both sides of chicken liberally with spice mixture.
  • Place chicken in Zone 1 of Brava metal tray with thickest portion on left side.
  • In mixing bowl, toss onions and peppers with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and the rest of the spice mixture.
  • Evenly spread onions and peppers in Zones 2 and 3 of metal tray.


Cook chicken, onions, & peppers

  • Slide metal tray into top shelf.
  • Select “Chicken Fajitas” on your touchscreen and follow instructions.
  • After plugging in TempSensor, insert it horizontally through center of chicken breast.
  • While food cooks, warm tortillas, slice limes, and chop cilantro.


Slice chicken & serve

  • When your food is done, cut chicken crosswise into slices.
  • Transfer chicken back onto the metal tray with onions and peppers, add fresh lime juice and cilantro, and toss all ingredients to evenly coat, seasoning to taste. If desired, add a few more pinches of the Brava Mexican Spice Rub for a bolder flavor.
  • Serve in warmed tortillas.