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Winter Cranberry Cocktail


Serving Size 1
Active Time:
~10 min
Total Time:
~45 min

About this Recipe

A fun twist on the classic Cosmopolitan, our Winter Cranberry Cocktail uses Brava’s cranberry sauce instead of juice for richer, deeper flavor. If you don’t have time to make the cranberry sauce, feel free to use store-bought cranberry sauce or cranberry juice cocktail instead! A sprig of rosemary brings herbaceous aromas and flavors to this festive libation.


Prep cranberry sauce

  • In Brava square pan, stir together cranberries, orange zest, orange juice, brown sugar, cinnamon stick (if using) and a pinch of kosher salt.


Cook cranberry sauce

  • Press green button to begin preheating.
  • Once preheated, slide square pan into top shelf and press green button to begin baking. Note: You will need to stir after 15 minutes.
  • Once Brava notifies you, carefully remove pan and stir well.
  • Slide square pan back into top shelf. Press green button again to continue baking.
  • When your food is done, cool cranberry sauce completely before making cocktails.


Make cocktail

  • Mash cranberry sauce well in a cocktail shaker or large glass.
  • Add vodka or gin, citrus juice, triple sec and maple syrup. Fill shaker with ice, cover and shake vigorously until outside of shaker is very cold, about 20 seconds.
  • Taste cocktail. If too tart, add more maple syrup.
  • Strain through a fine mesh strainer into martini glass.
  • Garnish with rosemary sprig and serve.
  • For a larger batch, use the same ratios and mix without ice, chilling completely before serving.