Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon narrow display Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon wide display

Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon

Honey mustard and Italian spice trio


Serves 4
Active Time:
~5 min
Total Time:
~12-20 min

About this Recipe

This recipe is unapologetically easy to make yet is a complete hit with both kids and adults every time. Salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce inflammation and improve heart health, autoimmune conditions, and mood disorders.


Prep salmon

  • Let butter stand at room temperature for 15–30 minutes to soften.
  • Spread butter on Zones 1 and 2 of Brava glass tray. Any uncovered butter may burn, so spread only enough for the fish to cover it.
  • Pat salmon dry with paper towels. Season fish on both sides with a pinch of salt.
  • Place salmon, skin side down, on top of butter. Make sure thickest salmon fillet is on left side of Zone 1.


Cook Salmon

  • Slide glass tray into bottom shelf.
  • Select “Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon” on your Brava touchscreen and follow instructions.
  • After plugging in TempSensor, insert it horizontally through center of salmon.
  • While food cooks, prep honey mustard.


Prep honey mustard

  • In a small bowl, whisk together honey and mustard.


Finish and serve

  • When your food is done, brush salmon with honey mustard, transfer to serving plate. Serve immediately.