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COD from Frozen P

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About this Custom Cook

Pour a small amount of ghee or a similar high smoke point cooking oil in the center of zone 2. The size of the area with the ghee/oil should be slightly larger than the size of the filet. Season the ghee/oil with salt and pepper. Place the frozen COD filet in the middle of zone 2, flat side down.

Slide the tray into your BRAVA, bottom level.

>> Press start. <<

When instructed, flip the COD over in the same spot and then restart the cook. IF it sticks at all, close the door and wait 1 minute and try again. When the crust is properly formed, the COD will release easily.

Once the cook completes (there is an 8 minute rest period built in to the cooking program), promptly remove the COD from the Brava. It is ready to enjoy immediately.

The entire cook is about 15 minutes.