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SWORDfish capt. Cut Cooked From Frozen

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About this Custom Cook

I strongly recommend you read these instructions in their entirety before trying this cook.

This cook is designed to cook a premium Captain's Cut SWORDFISH fillet, around 1 1/2" thick, available from Wild Fork foods. If your filet is around 2" thick or thicker, contact me before using this cook.

You are invited to enjoy tremendously flavorful and perfectly cooked Swordfish!

This is a manual cook. This cook uses the metal tray on the bottom level, and ONLY uses Zones 1 & 2. The fillet will need to be flipped manually after about 10 minutes.

Your fillet will develop an amazingly delicious brown CRUST on both sides! The inside will be moist and firm. Your taste buds will thank you over and over again.

The BEST part of this recipe is that the cook is SO simple!

Place a decent amount of ghee or a suitable oil of your choice with a high smoke point across zones 1 & 2. For best flavor and overall results, I do recommend you use ghee, in fact, only homemade Brava Ghee. Season the ghee/oil with a generous amount of salt and pepper (pepper is optional).

Remove your frozen fillet from the bag and place in the middle of zones 1 &2. The exact position is not critical.


After placing the fillet on the tray, season the top of the fillet generously with salt and if you like pepper, add some too.

Place the tray in your Brava, bottom level. Start the cook.

After about 10 minutes, you will be prompted to flip the fillet. Using or a spatula, flip your fillet over keeping it in about the same position on the tray that you started with, centered in the middle of zones 1&2. Restart the cook. It takes less than about 10 minutes to finish.

>>>Let the fillet rest for 2-3 minutes after removing it from the Brava.


If you have any questions of difficulties, contact me.