1111~~~ Onion(s) (WHOLE) Glass Tray, BOTTOM Level, Zone 2 w/Probe wide display


1111~~~ Onion(s) (WHOLE) Glass Tray, BOTTOM Level, Zone 2 w/Probe

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About this Custom Cook

EASY caramelized whole onions - delicious, no chopping, no mixing!

Important: You must refrigerate your onion(s) prior to using them with this cook.

This cook naturally enhances the flavor of the onions, caramelizing them, making them sweet and taking away the harshness.

Any dish or sauce that can be enjoyed with raw onions will benefit greatly from the exceptional sweet flavor (naturally sweet, no sugar added, the only seasoning used is salt - pepper is optional) that these caramelized onions add.

This cook is not fast, takes about 1 1/2-2 hours. So be patient! And enjoy the aroma that fills your abode! Better than the aroma of baked bread IMHO.

You will absolutely be thrilled with the results! It is fully automatic, no mixing required. This cook transforms regular onions into ONION CANDY and will truly add a delicious natural sweetness to your foods! YUM!

This cook uses the GLASS tray, ZONE 2 ONLY, on the bottom level. I recommend using large onions, you should be able to fit, 1, 2 or possibly even 3 large onions in zone 2. I usually only make one at a time as I prefer them fresh out of the Brava but they will refrigerate well in a zip lock bag. If the onions are really wide and extend and bit into zones 1 and 3, that is OK. Medium large onions should work as well. I have not tested them. Absolutely DO NOT use medium or small onions.

Place a small amount ghee (does not have to be a lot, but more than just a very thin layer) around the center of zone 2 of the GLASS tray where you plan to place the onion(s). If you are only using one onion, you can just put ghee in the center area. If you do not have ghee, DO NOT substitute with butter. You can use other oils that have a high smoke point but GHEE will give the best flavor and results. Again, DO NOT use butter with this cook.

Next, sprinkle the ghee lightly with salt. You can add some ground pepper also, this is optional.

Trim the root off the bottom of the onion and then trim about 3/8" off the top of the onion. The top of the onion is wider than the root end. If forms a nice base naturally to keep the onion in place so the onion does not flop over while cooking.

Remove the onion's outer layer of onion 'paper' and then remove one outer layer of the onion.

Place the onion with the root facing up on a firm surface. Insert the temperature probe fully into the side of the onion towards the top, about 3/4"-1" from the top. BUT keep this in mind. the probe MUST BE angled downwards at about a 45-degree angle. Your onion will look like it has an antenna.

Using a silicone brush or something similar, lightly coat the entire exterior surface of the onion with ghee. Season the onion with salt. You can add some ground pepper also, this is optional.

Place the onion with the root facing up in the center of the GLASS tray. If you are cooking more than one onion, center them left to right in zone 2. If the onions are really large and extend and bit into zones 1 and 3, that is OK.

Slide your glass tray into the Brava, top level.

Connect the temperature probe connector to your Brava. You do not have to position the cable under the rail. BUT you do not want it touching or being close to the top of the interior of your Brava either. If it is, simply rotate the cable until it isn't. It is OK just to allow the cable to rest anywhere on the glass tray.

Here comes a hard step! Close the Brava door and PRESS the green start button!!

Here comes the real hard part.. WAIT patiently until the cook completes.

Cook time will likely be around 1 1 /2 -2 hours. The time will vary due a number of factors. The temperature probe controls the entire cooking process ensuring great results each time you use this cook. You can monitor the progress/internal temperature of the cook on the Brava's display or your mobile device or on the Brava's display. You will be alerted when the cook is fully finished. Again, be patient, this is not a fast cook.

Also, since this is a relatively low temperature cook, there will not be much smoke generated, and there will be virtually no splatter inside your Brava. Your abode will be infused with the most amazing, sweet onion aroma during the cooking process. Be patient! This cook is not fast BUT you will absolutely be thrilled with the results! This cook transforms regular onions into ONION CANDY! You will enjoy the onion(s) as a side dish or mixed in with your favorite side dish(es) and sauces, or on top of a steak burger, hot dog or sausage.

AFTER THE COOK COMPLETES, gently disconnect the temperature probe's connector from your Brava using tongs or a heat resistant glove from the Brava, remove the tray using heat resistant gloves (the tray will likely still be warm or hot), then gently remove the temperature probe from the onion.


Soak the tray overnight with dish soap for REALLY easy cleanup.