REHEAT with Temp Sensor & AUTOSTOP wide display


REHEAT with Temp Sensor & AUTOSTOP

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Elliot Bernstein
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About this Custom Cook

Since everyone’s preferences are obviously different, I made this as a 'generic' way of monitoring the internal temperature during REHEATING and the cook will stop once the internal temperature reaches 130° which should be good for most proteins. There is an option to continue reheating until 140° - see below. Different foods, different preferences will obviously determine what temperature you want your food reheated to. The internal temperature will be displayed on your screen so you can follow the progress.

This custom reheat cook will only work for foods that are thick enough to hold the temperature probe properly - at least 1" thick.

If you desire an internal temperature less than 130°, simply STOP the cook manually when the internal temperature is as desired - again, the internal temperature will be displayed on your Brava's screen and on your mobile device.

Only use the Square Pan with this custom cook. This will give you the best results.

To use this cook:

Upload this custom cook to your Brava by entering the custom cook code or by using the airplane icon on your mobile device, then start it.

Place your food to be reheated into the center of the square pan.

Place the protein so the thicker part of the protein faces the left.
Insert the TempSensor horizontally into your protein in the exact middle of the protein, all the way till the metal handle of the sensor tip.

Insert the Square Pan into your Brava.

Connect the TempSensor to the inner left side of the Brava.

Tuck the cord from the temperature probe under the guard rail.

Insure your cord is tucked away from the lamps and rests under the TempSensor Guard. This is the metal guardrail that rests above where you connect the TempSensor.

Close the Brava door.

Press the flashing green start button.

The cook will STOP after the internal temperature reaches 130°.

If you want to continue to heat the food a bit more, press the flashing green start button and the cook will continue and then will STOP after the internal temperature reaches 140°.