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About this Custom Cook

This is a step by step guide of making your own cannabis butter. This cook uses the metal tray and chef's pan, without the lid. From start to finish, the process takes about 5 hours.

The first part of this cook is the decarboxylation step with the metal tray; a low temp bake to activate the cannabis. Then the infusion with the butter in the chef’s pan; also a low-ish temp bake. The addition of water is designed to take some of the harsher plant / earthy taste out of the infused butter.

1 oz - Cannabis
2 Cups - butter
2 Cups - water

This cook can still work with less of each of the above ingredients. It's best to keep a similar ratio of water and butter. 1/8th, 1/2 or full ounce of cannabis should all work with this cook.

When the cook is finished, put the butter/cannabis/water mixture through a cheese cloth or an extra fine colander with a large bowl underneath. Discard the cannabis. Place the large bowl with the butter/water in the fridge and allow to cool. When fully cooled, the now green butter will be solid and the water liquid. Discard the water and you have canna butter.

Recipes for pastries and baked-goods work well with the butter. If you want a less potent edible, use 1/2 part canna-butter and 1/2 part regular butter, or 1/4 parts canna-butter and 3/4 parts regular butter. Best to keep it covered and in the fridge or freeze it for long-term keeping.