Using STEAM to Help With the Cleaning of the Interior of Your Brava wide display


Using STEAM to Help With the Cleaning of the Interior of Your Brava

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Using the power of STEAM
to Help Make Cleaning the
Interior of your Brava Easier
I recently was doing an experimental cook which required me to heat water for about an hour in my Brava. I was surprised to discover that the glass over my camera was clean as I NEVER clean it because I don't really use it and it had been almost completely covered in oil from splattering.
So I decided to try wiping down the interior of my Brava with paper towels and sure enough much of the grease easily came off and came off EASILY!
This method will not take off the really dark stuff that can accumulate around the lamps but along with wiping down the interior after each cook, it helps keep the interior much cleaner and easier to keep clean.

This is not a substitute for a full deep cleaning. Along with wiping down the interior after each use, it will help keep the interior much, much cleaner and cut down on the need for as many deep cleanings and make the deep cleanings a bit easier to do!
So to do this, fill either your square pan or loaf pan 2/3rds full with water, place the pan in your Brava and set your Brava to bake for an hour at 325°using the rapid preheat. Without the rapid preheat, bake for 1 1/2 hours.

UPDATE, I am now steaming for long periods of tim and getting even better results. I have 'steamed' for up to 3 hours!

After the hour, simply open your Brava door and allow it to cool for about 10 minutes. Then carefully remove the pan (the water will still be hot) wearing heat resistant gloves and then wipe down the interior using paper towels. Change the towels as needed.
ALSO, if your interior needs extra cleaning, you can add another hour to the bake or more as necessary .
Happy cleaning!

UPDATE UPDATE <<<<<<<<<<
I steamed the interior of my Brava yesterday for almost 3 hours before wiping it down and it worked great, so MORE is better..