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Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos

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I have some Mexican roots on one side of my family and I grew up in California, so naturally, I absolutely love Mexican food. It's often thought of as comfort food like enchiladas, but so many Mexican recipes are also full of fresh and bold flavors from produce, citrus, herbs, and spice, like tacos! My favorite kind of taco to make at home involves braising some kind of meat, serving it on warmed good quality tortillas, and simply topping with fresh lime, cilantro, and diced up onion. This style of taco is is inspired by when I lived in LA and would visit my favorite taco trucks, or from summer trips in Mexico trying hole in the wall restaurants. Tacos at home or from a restaurant often require hours of braising. These Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos couldn't be easier in Brava. Simply put two ingredients in your Brava Chef's Pan, press that green button, and it's time to eat less than an hour later!

- 2 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast or Thighs
- 1 and 1/4 Cups Tomatillo Salsa
- Small Corn Tortillas
- Toppings: diced raw onion, cilantro, lime.

1. Place ingredients in Brava Chef's Pan, gently mix to combine.
2. Place lid on Brava Chef's Pan, put on top shelf, and follow recipe instructions for "Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos".
3. When the chicken is done cooking, shred with two forks.
4. Serve braised chicken in tacos, top with diced onion, fresh lime juice, and cilantro.
5. Save leftovers with the cooking liquid in your chef's pan to reheat and use at a later time if needed.