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TURBO Gourmet Yukon 'GOLD' Potatoes

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About this Custom Cook

A potato is a potato is a potato, right? Not anymore! Thanks to Brava and this custom cook, you can enjoy the most delicious Bravatized potatoes you have ever tasted!

I have only tested this recipe with medium small to medium sized Yukon GOLD potatoes, but really any type of potato should work, russets, Idahos, even creamers. Depending on the type of potato you like to use, their size and how you like them cooked, you may need to use the adjustment slider for future cooks to customize the cook.(Also see the note below, last paragraph.) Enjoy experimenting. They are always delicious! You always want the flat side to be golden brown in color, NEVER black in any way. If you use ground pepper, you will see black spots on the potato and this is OK and normal.

If you have small or large potatoes, use my other custom cooks designed for those sizes for best results.

DO NOT use large or extra large potatoes with this cook.

The prep is so simple and takes all of a minute or two.

Place a small amount ghee (does not have to be a lot, but more than just a very thin layer) on the center of zone 2 of the GLASS tray where you plan to place the potatoes, I typically coat the entire zone for simplicity. If you are only using one potato, you can just put ghee in the center area.

Next, sprinkle the ghee lightly with salt and pepper.

Cut your potatoes in half lengthwise, place them flat side down on the tray in zone 2 on top of the ghee. They can be placed lengthwise or widthwise. Depending on their size and how many you are cooking, you will need to determine the best way to fit them all in zone 2.

YES, they can be placed widthwise so you can fit more of them on the tray. And YES, it is OK if the tips of the potatoes extend about an inch or so into both zones 1 and zone 3. Just enter them.

And you do not have to fill the zone completely. I often make just one potato. BUT it is a good idea to use potatoes that are around the same size.

Coat the skin side of the potatoes which are facing up with a light coating of ghee, then sprinkle with a bit of salt and pepper.

Slide your tray into the Brava, top

Here comes a hard step! PRESS the green start button!!

Here comes the real hard part.. WAIT patiently for about 27 minutes until the cook completes, then remove and enjoy!

Your home will be infused with the most amazing aroma during the cook. Be patient! You will not be disappointed.

AFTER THE COOK COMPLETES, check the brownness of the flat side of the potatoes. Remove any that are done, some may need additional time. Center the remaining potatoes in zone 2. I have added the option to add additional cook time for additional browining. Simply press the start button as prompted. About 2 1/2 minutes of additional cook time will be added. Check the potatoes again. This can be repeated up to two more times.