(  (2) )   E G G S    FRONT  2  egg cups -over easy wide display


( (2) ) E G G S FRONT 2 egg cups -over easy

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About this Custom Cook

This cook is for preparing TWO over easy eggs, very lightly and evenly cooked from one Egg to another, in the Brava egg tray, two front egg cups only. The bottom of the eggs will be lightly browned.


Load this custom cook into your Brava and start the cook.

Preparation of the eggs:

Spread a small amount of BRAVA made GHEE in both of the egg cups closest to you. Optional: Add a little bit of salt and pepper to the Ghee, spread evenly on top of the GHEE.

Place one egg and each front egg cup. Do not add eggs to the two rear egg cups, which are the two egg cups farthest away from you. remember, this cook is only for cooking two eggs at a time, not four.

Optional: add a little bit of pepper to the tops of both eggs.

Slide the egg tray into the top level of your Brava, pushing it all the way in. Be sure to position the eggs right at the front of the Brava and not at the rear.

Press the flashing green start button to begin the cook.

After about four minutes, the cook will pause. The cook is not complete. At this point and the eggs will be a little bit runny. This is normal. I like to add shredded cheese to my eggs and do so at this time. If you want to add shredded cheese to your eggs, remove the egg tray using a heat resistant glove, and sprinkle the cheese on top of your eggs, Slide the egg tray back into your Brava, top level, close the door and press the start button.

If you don’t want to add cheese, just press, the green start button to restart the cook.

Note: no additional cooking is done at this stage. The interior of your Brava is still hot and that heat alone will melt the cheese gently on top of your eggs, and finish cooking the eggs as well, so the whites are not runny. The yolks will be runny of course.

After about a minute and a half, the cook will be complete. Remove the eggs at this point.


Keep in mind, if you prefer your eggs, more or less cooked, you can use the adjustment slider to increase or decrease the cook time based on your preferences the next time use to cook. And of course, you can always add additional cook time with Pro Cook.

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