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About this Custom Cook

I recommend you read these instructions in their entirety prior to trying this cook.

FOR BEST RESULTS, your chicken should be very, very cold, definitely around and preferably under 40°, around 36°-39° would be even better.

This custom Brava cook will give you the absolutely BEST chicken you have ever tasted!

DO NOT use chicken that has any type of solution added to it. The best chicken to use is pasture raised! This type of chicken tastes and cooks better! Do yourself a FLAVOR and get pasture raised chicken! If you like chicken, you will LOVE pastured chicken. So much better!

Because this is SO IMPORTANT, I will repeat it:
DO NOT use chicken that has any type of solution added to it.


When inserting the temp sensor, it must NOT be touching the bone OR really close to a bone. I insert it between the thigh and outer edge of the leg, PARALLEL to the leg, slightly higher than the middle:

Your chicken legs should thoroughly defrosted and all be around the same size. I can only fit a maximum of two in the square pan at a time because of their size.

If your chicken is frozen, I strongly recommend defrosting itin your refrigerator for about 12 hours to insure they are fully defrosted. The best size would be chicken leg/thigh quarters from a 3-4lb chicken or a bit larger.

DO NOT use small chicken leg quarter pieces. This cook is 'tuned' to use chicken leg quarters that are from chickens approximately 3-4lbs in size. Small chicken leg quarter pieces will cook too quickly and not come out right. They will cook but may not brown nicely on the outside. Again, this cook is 'tuned' for medium/large or large chicken leg quarter pieces. I have not tried it will small chicken parts at this time.

Add a layer (not too much) of ghee to the square pan. Brava made ghee will give the best results, but store bought will be ok. DO NOT USE butter. If you have never used ghee before, get some before trying this cook. Your taste buds will thank you. The flavor will NOT be the same if you use vegetable oils. I have NOT tested this cook with any other type of cooking oil.

You want to have a layer of ghee across the entire bottom of the pan, approximated 1/32" thick, which really isn't a lot. The actual amount does not matter. A bit less or more won't matter. But you do not want just a very, very light coating. Nor do not need too much either.

Season the ghee with salt and pepper. The amount doesn't matter. A half teaspoon or a bit more should be fine.

Pat your chicken dry with paper towels, especially the skin side. Make sure the skin side is really, really dry.

Season both sides of each piece of chicken generously with salt.

Insert the probe between the leg and the thigh 'joint' in the meaty area, a bit above the middle. Try not to have it touching a bone.

Place your chicken leg/thigh quarter pieces in the square pan, SKIN SIDE DOWN. If you are cooking multiple pieces, the piece that has the probe should be in the center area and a bit to the left with the probe and probe wire on the left side. Actual position does not matter. This cook can be completed with one piece or two as long as the pieces do not overlap each other..

Slide the square pan into your Brava. Connect the temperature probe to your Brava. Close the door. Press Start.

Cook time is about 25 minutes - time can vary a bit depending on a number of factors. The interior doneness of the chicken will be about 170°. Plate and enjoy immediately after the cook ends.

After you have tried this cook, please share your thoughts about the results.