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English Muffins

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Mon 06/01/2020


About this Custom Cook

Follow your favorite English Muffin recipe. Use this custom cook to cook them instead of doing it on the stove top.

This will work for 2-6 English Muffins.

1. Start by putting an empty tray on the bottom shelf. We will be preheating it in the first step.
2. At the first pause remove the tray and add butter in a circle where you want to put the English Muffin. The butter should melt easily. Drizzle (or spray) a little light oil on top of the melted butter to help prevent burning. Note that only the area where the muffins will be on the tray should be oiled.
3. Place the raw English Muffins on top of the buttered area and then place the tray back on the bottom shelf and continue the cook.
4. At the second pause remove the tray and flip the English Muffins. Insert the tray back on the bottom shelf and resume the cook.
5. Enjoy!