1" Ribeye Cooked From Frozen ZONE 2  P wide display


1" Ribeye Cooked From Frozen ZONE 2 P

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About this Custom Cook

This cook uses the metal tray ONLY on the bottom level, and zone 2 ONLY.

This is my absolute favorite cook with the Brava!

You are invited to enjoy a tremendously flavorful and perfectly cooked steak on par in quality to ANY premium restaurant in America at any price.

Your steak will develop an amazing deep brown GENUINE CRUST that explodes with flavor! Your taste buds will thank you over and over again. Remember, a crust is very different from a seared finish!

The BEST part of this recipe is that the cook is SO simple and fast too!

I have only used this cook with 1" grass fed ribeyes. Other cuts of steaks/meats and grain fed meats should work well but I have not tried any. I recommend you ONLY use PREMIUM quality meat no thinner than 1", Ribeyes. Your cook time may vary for numerous reasons so you may need to use the adjustment slider for future cooks.

If you are using a steak at or just a bit below 1" thickness, if you like your steaks medium rare, you may want to use the adjustment slider set at -20% for best results


Place a generous amount of ghee or a suitable oil of your choice with a high smoke point in the middle of zone two. Season the ghee/oil with a generous amount of salt and pepper (to taste).

Cooking Instructions:

Place the frozen steak in the middle of zone 2 directly on the ghee.

Place the tray in your Brava, bottom level. Start the cook.

After about 8-9 minutes, you will be prompted to flip the steak. Flip it over keeping it in the same position on the tray. Restart the cook. I like to add a bit more ghee to the center of the tray before placing it on the tray.

Once finished, check the doneness with an instant read thermometer. If the steak is not cooked enough for you, let it rest for 7-10 minutes.

I have a small digital temp sensor which I sometimes insert into the steak to monitor the interior temp while the steak is resting When the steak comes out of the Brava, the interior may be under your desired doneness. Resting/carryover cooking should increase the interior temperature by 15°-25°. Be patient...the wait will be well worth it.

If you prefer your steak more done, simply put it back in your Brava on the glass tray, center area.. Be sure to use the temp sensor. There are several ways to add cook time to the steak. Probably the best/easiest way is to use SLOW COOK on HIGH. Pull the steak out when the interior of the steak is within 5° to 10° of your doneness temperature. Or you can bake at 200°.

USE THE TEMP SENSOR! It is really helpful and ensures your steak will be perfectly done!