Buta Kakuni (Japanese-Style Pork Belly) 豚角煮 wide display


Buta Kakuni (Japanese-Style Pork Belly) 豚角煮

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About this Custom Cook

The Brava take on a classic Japanese dish. Makes six cubes of pork belly deliciousness simmered with daikon slices.

- Brava Equipment Needed -

Chef Pan

- Serving Size -

- Active Time -
45 min

-Total Time -
~ 3 hr

- Ingredients -

Main Ingredients

1 Lb pork belly
2 Inches of ginger
1 Negi (long green onion)
½ Medium sized daikon (~10 oz after peeling)
2 Cups filtered water for simmering step

Ingredients for Simmer Sauce

2 Tsp of cooking oil. (A high smoke point vegetable oil)
2 ½ Cups dashi (0.18 oz dried dashi packet in 2 ½ cups water)
4 Tbsp sake
3 Tbsp mirin
1 Tbsp sugar
4 Tbsp soy sauce
⅛ Tsp red pepper flakes

- Recipe Steps -

1 - Prepare ingredients

Peel the daikon and slice into 1 inch thick medallions.

Slice the ginger into thin medallions. (If the skin of the ginger is tough, peel first.)

Cut the green part of the negi into 2-inch pieces. (Save the white part for making Shiraga Negi (julienned onion garnish.)

2 - Prepping the Pork Belly

Pound the pork on the top and bottom sides to soften, then push the meat back into shape.

Cut the pork belly into two inch cubes.

Pour the 2 tsp of vegetable oil into the Chef Pan, then wipe away excess oil with a paper towel.

3 - Sear the Pork Belly (Chef Pan uncovered for this step)

NOTE: Step 3 corresponds to the 3 sear steps in the Custom Cook.

Place the cubes of pork belly evenly spaced into the pan.

Place the Chef's Pan in the Brava and start the Custom Cook.

Each sear step sears the top and bottom of the cubes. On the pause steps, open the Brava and slightly move the Chef Pan forward (hold the lip with a pot holder to keep it stable and securely resting on the shelves.)

With tongs flip each of the cubes over to expose an un-seared side.

Flip the cubes on both of the pause steps, during the sear portion. When complete you will have seared all 6 sides.

4 - Simmer the Pork Belly (Chef Pan is covered for this step)

NOTE: Step 4 corresponds with the first Slow Cook step. (2 hour Slow Cook on High.)

Being careful of spatter from the hot oil, remove the Chef Pan from the Brava.

Add the green part of the negi, half of the ginger, and the daikon slices to the pan.

Let the contents of the pan cool slightly before adding water.

Next add enough filtered water to cover the top of the Pork Belly cubes. The water will combine with juices from the pork belly.

Cover the Chef's Pan with lid and return to the Brava. Continue the Custom Cook.

5 - Prepare Simmer Sauce

To make the dashi, dissolve one packet of dried dashi (0.18oz) into 2 ½ cups water and whisk to combine.

In a mixing bowl combine the dashi solution, sake, mirin, sugar, remaining ginger, and red pepper. Stir to combine.

6 - Simmer in Sauce (Chef Pan is covered for this step)

NOTE: Step 6 corresponds with the second Slow Cook step. (1 hour Slow Cook on High.)

Remove the Chef's Pan from the Brava, and carefully carry to the sink.

Drain the water from the pan, being careful of the hot pan and liquid.

Pour the simmer sauce into the Chef's Pan. Ensure pork belly and daikon are evenly spaced in the pan. Cover pan with lid, and return the pan the to the Brava.

Start the last Slow Cook step of the Custom Cook.

7 - Make Shiraga Negi Garnish (The white portion of the onion cut into thin strips)

While the pork belly simmers, cut the white part of the negi into 1½ inch pieces.

Make a lengthwise incision on the cylindrical piece (just breaking the skin.) Remove the soft green core and flatten the white part out on your cutting board.

Do this for all remaining white pieces of the onion, then stack the flattened pieces on top of each other.

Next julienne the stack. Cut lengthwise strips of negi (as if you're cutting paper strips.)

Place the onion strips in cold water to soak for 10 minutes to remove bitterness. Finally, drain well and store in a covered container until needed when plating.

8 - Plating

Remove the Chef's Pan from the Brava, and portion the pork belly into individual bowls for serving.

Place each pork belly cube on top of a daikon slice, and ladle remaining sauce over the pieces. (Recommended serving is 2 pieces of pork belly/daikon per bowl.)

Top each piece of pork belly with the shiraga negi strips.