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Cheesy, Bacon Fries

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About this Custom Cook

Cheese, Bacon, fries, what else do you need in a custom cook!?

2-3 medium russet potatoes
3 strips of bacon, cut into 1/2" chunks
Cheddar cheese

This cook uses the metal tray on the bottom shelf.

1)Cut the russet potatoes into fries and place onto Zones 1 and 2 of the Brava metal tray.
2)Coat fries lightly with oil, 1 tbsp for the 2 zones should do the trick
3) Cut up bacon (or pork belly) and place onto Zone 3 of Brava metal tray
4) slide metal tray onto bottom shelf and go!

Zone 3: Onions
Zone 2: 1/4" Fries
Zone 1: 1/4" Fries