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Turbo PERFECT SOFT boiled eggs

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Elliot Bernstein
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About this Custom Cook

Nothing makes SOFT boiled eggs better, easier and faster than Brava! Cook time is about 9 minutes.

The whiles will be gently but fully cooked, the yoke will be minimally cooked but nicely warmed and runny.

Enter the following custom cook code: FTH-UUP-YAH

Add 4 cups of tap water to your loaf pan. Add your eggs, up to 6, to the pan. Slide the loaf pan into the Brava. It needs to be positioned right at the front of your Brava, so it is directly centered over the bottom lamp for zone 1 which is the closest lamp to you.

If using 3-4 eggs, add 5% cook time to the cook using the adjustment slider. If using 5-6 eggs, add 10% cook time to the cook using the adjustment slider.

Close the door. Press START.

When the cook completes, place the pan in your sink with the egg(s) in it, run your cold tap water for a few minutes to cool them down. 3-5 minutes should be fine. If you want, you can pour out the water, add tap water, add ice cubes and let them cool for 3-5 minutes. Either method works.

Once cooled (warm is OK), crack and scoop out with a spoon and enjoy! Unlike hard boiled eggs. soft boiled eggs can be a bit of a challenge to remove. I simply use a spoon to scoop them out.


I used large eggs to set up this cook. If you use eggs of a different size, you may need to adjust the cook time slightly using the time adjustment slider to get them done exactly as you want them. Do your first cook and to see how the eggs come out for you, and if you feel you need more or less time for your next cook, adjust accordingly.