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1 1/2" Gourmet Steaks

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About this Custom Cook

The steaks from this cook are as good as ANY premium steakhouse anywhere in America!

1 1/2" thick steaks are perfectly cooked from frozen to a PERFECT medium rare, about 134° interior doneness. If you prefer your steak more done, I have included the option to continue the cook (see below).

Boneless evenly cut steaks give the best results.

This cook needs the temp sensor, a metal tray & a glass tray, & is a fully manual cook.

You will need to flip your steak(s) about 1/3 the way through the cook and will be prompted to do so. Then about 2/3rds the way through, you will be prompted to remove the metal tray, place the steak(s) in the center of the glass tray, insert the temp sensor, place the tray in the Brava, top level, and then connect the temp sensor to the Brava.

When you insert the probe into the steak, it will be quite hot so take care handling the steak. When you connect the temp sensor to the Brava, do it carefully as the interior is extremely HOT.

Different cuts/thicknesses of steak and different cooking oils will give slightly different results. There are too many variations for me to test them all. I have only tested this cook with grass fed steaks. They are leaner than typical supermarket steaks so they tend to cook faster. I suspect many here will need to increase the cook time by 5%-10% or more to get a perfect exterior crust. Try it the first time without any time adjustment. If you make multiple steaks at the same time or a very large steak, you will also likely also need to increase the cook time using the adjustment slider. The interior doneness will NOT be affected.

DO NOT use this cook with steaks thinner than 1 1/2", I will have another cook posted soon for slightly thinner steaks for steaks than are between 1 1/4" and 1 3/8" thick.


What this cook is designed to do is give the outside top and bottom surfaces of your meat an exceptional and delicious crust without overcooking the interior, keeping your meat extremely juicy! The exterior of both sides will have a deep brown color as in the photo and will have tremendous flavor and the interior of the steak will be very juicy. The cook is 'tuned' to cook steaks to about 135°.

I have primarily used this cook with 1 1/2" grass fed steaks. Regular steak may require a bit of cook time adjustment.

I recommend you ONLY use PREMIUM quality THICK steaks. If you want great tasting steaks, always ONLY use only premium quality THICK meats! I recommend ribeyes and NY strips only.


Spread a very thin coating of oil over the entire tray. This will make cleanup of the tray a lot easier after the cook completes.

Place a generous amount of ghee or a similar oil of your choice (with a high smoke point) across the center area of zones 1 & 2 where you plan to place your steak(s).
Season the ghee/oil with a generous amount of salt and if you enjoy pepper, add some as well. After you place the frozen steak on the tray, season the top of the steak with a generous amount of salt (pepper optional).


Place the frozen steak(s) right from the freezer in the center of zones 1 & 2 of the metal tray directly on the seasoned ghee. They can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The exact position is not critical.

Place the tray in your Brava, bottom level. Start the cook.

After about 10 minutes, you will be prompted to flip the meat. Flip it over keeping the meat in about the same position on the tray. Restart the cook. It takes about 10 minutes to finish the 2nd side.

Once the cook completes and the 2nd side is cooked, the Brava will pause. Using a high quality heat resistant glove, carefully remove the tray from the Brava. The tray will be very, very hot so do it carefully.

To finish the cook, place your steak(s) in the center area of the glass tray, zone 2. The exact position is not critical.

Next insert the Brava temperature probe into the steak. Slide the glass tray into the top level of the Brava. Carefully connect the temp sensor to your Brava. Remember, the interior of your Brava will be quite HOT so do it carefully. The temp sensor's cord does not need to be tucked in under the rail as you are normally would.

Close the door to your Brava. The green light will be flashing. Press the start button. This portion of the cook takes about 10 minutes Be patient!

The interior temperature will be displayed on your screen. The temp will rise slowly. The cook will end once the interior temperature reaches about 133°. Carefully remove the steak and enjoy (the temp will likely rise a couple of degrees more), OR if you want the interior temperature done a bit more, simply press the start button. The temperature will rise slowly. Remove the steak when the temp is as desired. The cook will automatically end after 30 minutes if not stopped by you.