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Breakfast Pizza

Brava Chef George Duran photo
Brava Chef George Duran
Tue 07/14/2020


About this Custom Cook

Pizza for breakfast? Why not? Just add some eggs and bacon and you'll never think of any other way to eat pizza!


Non-stick Spray
1 pizza dough tube (like Pilsbury)
1.5 Cups grated cheese of your choice
6 slices pre-cooked bacon, chopped
1/2 Cup hash brown potatoes
2 scallions, whites, chopped
4 eggs
Salt and pepper


Spray Brava metal sheet pan with non-stick spray and spread out dough. Disperse cheese throughout leaving 4 empty areas for the eggs. Disperse bacon and hash brown on cheese area. Carefully crack each egg into each well. Sprinkle scallions throughout and season with salt and pepper.

Press green button. If dough is not browned enough cook longer until brown and crispy.

NOTE: You can customize this recipe by using chopped veggies, cooked sausage and more.

Serves 4