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Box Macaroni and cheese

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Brava Chef Andrew
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About this Custom Cook

This custom cook uses the loaf pan on the top shelf.

1, Box of macaroni and cheese (Kraft, Annies, etc...)
4 cups, Water
4 tbsp, Butter
1/4 cup, Milk


1) place 4 cups of water into the Brava loaf pan and place on the top shelf and start the cook
2) after 5 minutes (the cook will pause), carefully remove the loaf pan add the noodles to the hot water, and continue with the rest of the cook
3) after another 14 minutes, the noodles will be done, strain them in a colander and return the cooked noodles to the loaf pan
4) add milk, butter, and cheese mix to the noodles in the loaf pan and mix well
5) Serve and enjoy!