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Smores Quesadilla Wedge

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Brava Chef George Duran
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About this Custom Cook

This quesadilla was first made popular on social media sites and has garnered numerous twists! The idea is to place four different ingredients on each "quadrant" of the tortilla and after cutting a slit half way down the middle, it's folded into a triangle and grilled on both sides. Fortunately your Brava will take care of the only difficult step by crisping your wedge on both sides with the touch of the green button! Enjoy!


1 large flour tortilla
Mini marshmallows
Graham crackers
Peanut butter
Melted butter


Take your flour tortilla and cut a slit half way down from the center. Spread Nutella on the left half of the tortilla, followed by a handful of mini marshmallows on the upper left corner, then crush up some graham crackers on the upper right and finally spread some peanut butter on the lower right.

Fold the cut edge of the tortilla starting with the lower left until you have a triangular wrap. Brush butter on both sides and place on the center of your Brava metal sheet pan.

Place in Brava and press the green button.