THIGHS Cook Using The Temp Sensor wide display


THIGHS Cook Using The Temp Sensor

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THIGHS Cook Using The Temp Sensor

This is the standard BRAVA chicken thigh cook with the addition of the temp sensor and a couple of other minor tweaks.

The temperature will appear on your screen display so you can monitor the cook progress.

I prefer to use the temp sensor for most of the proteins I cook since this insures the doneness is exactly as I like it. I know some will not agree but use of the temp sensor in my opinion is essential to gourmet cooking.

I also like my chicken skin a bit browner so I added a bit of extra time at the start of the cook.

And since different sized/thickness of chicken thighs could need a bit more or less time, I have set the Brava to stop cooking at 164°

REMEMBER, follow the normal Brava directions, which is skin side down. I do recommend applying ghee to the tray. I normally coat the entire tray with a light coating of ghee and then put a generous amount where the thighs are going to be positioned (I usually only make 2 in zone 2) and season the ghee with salt and pepper.

It is also very IMPORTANT to pat the skin dry prior to placing on the tray using paper towels.