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Pizza Roll

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Brava Chef George Duran
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1 pizza dough or crescent dough
Marinara sauce or pizza sauce
Grated cheese of your choice
Italian seasoning or dried oregano
Pizza toppings of your choice, like pepperoni or sausage


Roll out pizza dough into a rectangle. Cut lengthwise until you have two rectangles. Spread marinara sauce throughout both dough rectangles and top with cheese, seasoning and toppings of your choice. Do not over fill as it could make it difficult to roll.

Roll each dough into a long tube tightly and set seam side down. Carefully set on the center of your Brava baking sheet and begin to roll into a swirl. Continue the swirl with the second roll. You can top with more cheese and/or toppings and press the Brava button to bake.

Note: Every pizza dough is different so you may need to cook more if need be.