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WATER BACON Splatter Free Cook

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About this Custom Cook

Splatter Free WATER BACON instructions - easy to prepare and delicious!
This cook will work best for regular bacon, not thick cut bacon.
Place your bacon on the glass tray, single layer - do not overlap slices. Position does not matter. Amount does not matter. Slide the tray into the top level.
Add water to the height of the bacon without covering the bacon.

Slide the tray into the bottom level.

Cook time is about 20-25 minutes. The water completely evaporates after about 15 minutes and then the bacon browns and gets crispy too. You get the perfect balance of chewiness and crispiness at the same time. PLUS virtually NO SPLATTER! Best bacon I have ever made!
The cook will pause near the end. You can then check the doneness visually. If you need more browning, close the Brava door and press the green button. 5 minutes of cook time will be added. This step can be repeated 2 more times...
Different brands, cuts and thicknesses will cook at different amounts of time, so you do need to check the progress visually after about 20 minutes. And then every few minutes thereafter. I have some bacon that has taken 25-30 minutes and other batches that have taken over 40 minutes.
NOTE" There are so many variations in bacon that there is no 'standard' cooking time so you do may have to monitor the doneness manually.
I have made the mistake of taking the bacon out too soon without letting it crisp up enough. Be patient. It is worth the wait! Also, after you remove the bacon from your Brava, let it 'rest' on a plate for about 5 minutes. This will allow it to crisp up even more!

If you try it, please share your thoughts....p