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About this Custom Cook

I strongly recommend you read these instructions in their entirety before trying this cook.

This is now my absolute favorite custom cook with the Brava, replacing my single zone frozen steak cook!

This cook is designed to cook thick but single portion steaks and chops. I usually use it for cooking a single small steak,, about 8-10 ounces,, around 1 1/2" thick. If you need to cook multiple steaks, use the adjustment slider set to +20%.
You are invited to enjoy tremendously flavorful and perfectly cooked steaks on par in quality with ANY premium restaurant in America at ANY price.

This cook DOES need the temp sensor and is a fully manual cook.

This cook uses the metal tray on the bottom level, and ONLY uses Zones 1 & 2.

You will need to flip your steak(s) about 1/3 the way through the cook and will be prompted to do so. Then about half way through, you will be prompted to remove the tray, place the steak(s) in the center of the glass tray, insert the temp sensor, and then place the tray back in the Brava, top level.

When you insert the probe into the Brava, do it carefully as the interior is HOT.

Different cuts/thicknesses of steak and different cooking oils will give slightly different results. There are too many variations for me to test them all. You may not get perfect results on your first try and may need to use the adjustment slider for future cooks to get the results exactly as you want them.

What this cook is designed to do is give the outside top and bottom surfaces of your meat an exceptional crust without overcooking the interior, keeping your meat extremely juicy!

I have primarily used this cook with 1 1/2" grass fed cuts of meat with EXCEPTIONAL results

I recommend you ONLY use PREMIUM quality thick steaks.


Place a generous amount of ghee or a suitable oil of your choice with a high smoke point across zones 1 & 2 where you plant to place your steak(s). Season the ghee/oil with a generous amount of salt and pepper.

I also suggest you spread a very thin coating over zone 3. This will make cleanup of the tray a lot easier after the cook completes.


Place the frozen steak(s) right from the freezer in the center of zones 1 & 2 of the metal tray directly on the seasoned ghee.

Place the tray in your Brava, bottom level. Start the cook.

After about 10 minutes, you will be prompted to flip the meat. Flip it over keeping the meat in about the same position on the tray. Restart the cook. It takes less than about 10 minutes to finish the 2nd side.

Once the cook completes,

To finish the cook

If you have any questions of difficulties, contact me.