Organic Sprouted Wheat Pizza (1/2 Pie) wide display


Organic Sprouted Wheat Pizza (1/2 Pie)

Brava Chef Shyam photo
Brava Chef Shyam
Tue 01/19/2021


About this Custom Cook

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Par-Baked pizza in 6 minutes and 27 seconds

- 1/2 of a Par-Baked Organic Thin & Crispy Sprouted Wheat Pizza Crust from 365 Whole Foods Market
- a layer of fresh tomato sauce or any of your favorite pizza sauces
- any toppings you'd like


1. Cut the whole Whole Foods crust in half and place it on the metal gear
2. Place the sauce in the pizza
3. Then add your toppings
4. Place the 1/2 pizza crust on the Brava Metal Tray
5. Close the door, press the green button... and start cleaning up. Before you're done cleaning, your quick pizza will be done 😁


Happy cooking!
- Brava Shyam - The Vegan @ Brava