Crispy Toasted 4 to 6 Hamburger Buns wide display


Crispy Toasted 4 to 6 Hamburger Buns

Brava Chef Shyam photo
Brava Chef Shyam
Fri 03/05/2021


About this Custom Cook

Set up is simple.

Use the white or the wheat Dave's Killer Bread Buns.

White buns:
- butter both sides lightly and in an even later
- place the buns cut side down
- flatten the buns slightly
- place buns (4-6) on the metal tray
- place metal tray on the bottom shelf

If you use only 4 buns, they may be a little darker but not too bad. And if you use 6 buns, it should be browned even like in the photo of this recipe.

For Wheat bread (until I create a new program, just pull them out all the way at the end 30-45 second before the time is up (we are basically pulling it out early to reduce the top sear time by 30-45 seconds at the end so it doesn't burn)